Conclusions and next steps from the
Nordic Webinar Series

This page contains the conclusions and most important material for the next steps in the future Nordic collaboration.

Via the links below you can download the summary containing the ambition for the Nordic collaboration as well as key developments and action points for the future.

The conclusions from the webinar also lean closely against the Action Plan 2021-2024 from the Nordic Council of Ministers, aiming for the Nordic to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the World. Click the link below to download the Action Plan.



Three top-level webinars in Autumn 2020 about the Nordic research, education, and innovation systems of the future.

What are key learnings from the Corona crisis? How can we prepare for Horizon Europe? And what future changes in our systems do we need to make to deliver on the green transition and sustainability agenda?

See the official "reserve-the-dates" invitation via this link

Standing Meeting


Representatives from the following organizations have all worked together
to make the webinar series a reality


Dag Rune Olsen


John-Arne Røttingen


Håkon Haugli


Mari Sundli Tveit


Sven Stafström


Anders Bjarklev


Frede Blaabjerg & Karin Kjær Madsen


Jan Egebjerg & Thomas Sinkjær


Heikki Mannila

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Anne Borg


Søren Barlebo Rasmussen


Welcome to the exclusive Nordic Webinar Series

The webinar series is designed to bring key top-level players across the Nordic countries and from different sectors together. 

The aim is to discuss what happened during the Corona crisis, how we have used different strategies to cope with the crisis, and what we have learned about transforming our organizations. It is also the aim of the series to open up discussions regarding what will happen in the future when research and innovation become even more important driving forces in the societal developments. Further, what needs to be done and changed in our systems to really address the issues of green transition and sustainability – focusing on unique Nordic approaches or opportunities for cooperation. 

All three webinars are designed to include speakers, group work, and discussions. Brief topical videos and national information will be shared in advance, and concise summaries of the main points will be shared after the events to be used as background material in all the countries involved.

See this link for an overview of all the people that have received personal invitation.